Employee Spotlight: Perry Blythe

December 4, 2019

Over the past 45 years, Perry Blythe has witnessed a complete evolution of The Blythe Company.  During his employment with a manufacturer of gas-fired textile equipment back in the 1960s his father, Hank Blythe, was successful in establishing new areas of sales with a representative side of the business. 

In 1974 Hank purchased that part of the business and founded The Blythe Company.  Perry joined the business in 1975 where he remains active today.  Asked when he’ll retire, Perry’s response is always a firm “I won’t; I have no desire to quit what I love doing.” 

During his tenure with the company, Perry has observed many changes. In its beginnings as a manufacturers’ representative, the company worked with end-users, soliciting sales of products supplied and shipped by those factories. Within a few years, however, the company observed a shift in the industry they couldn’t ignore. 

“We began to see a change in the manufacturing industry where factories were no longer able to supply products to our end-users in a timely manner and we had to react,” he says. “That shift in the industry led us to become a stocking representative, and this afforded us the ability to provide products in the timely manner we knew was vitally important to our success.” 

In 1980 The Blythe Company enhanced services by achieving their ASME/NBIC “UV” and “VR” certifications for the assembly and setting of safety relief valves. Soon after, the company also started servicing their products and valves in the field.  This was a defining moment for the business. 

Just like many other employees of the company, Perry takes on many different roles. He travels to facilitate training events, leading sessions for contractors on installation and operations of equipment or working on natural gas heaters, he never knows where the business will lead him day-to-day. 

“Mine is not a 9 to 5 job with a set daily structure, my days and weeks depend on my customer needs and that’s a part of the job I love most – helping my customers.” 

Over the past two years, Perry has watched the company grow and the business now offers full service for many products including safety relief valves, water bath heaters, gas filters, and ball valves, along with testing gas meters.

“The future looks bright for The Blythe Company” Perry states, with further expansions planned down the road.  “We plan to expand into additional services and capabilities and we’re also looking towards manufacturing certain types of products.”

Perry adds with such a firm foundation, the company’s history of superb customer service, and a great team in place, he feels confident of The Blythe Company’s future success.

“It’s my plan to remain actively involved and ensure our legacy continues.”  

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