A Unique Blend of Legacy and Innovation

As North America’s sole privately-owned industrial parts brand representative, we marry the cherished traditions of the past with the cutting-edge visions of the future.

Engineer reviewing flow control design blueprint

Rooted in Excellence

Since 1971, The Blythe Company has stood as a stalwart pillar in industrial solutions. Our history is a tapestry of dedication, innovation, and resilience.

With Adam Shumate’s leadership since 2023, we’re redefining excellence. His passion and foresight ensure that while we honor our past, we’re ceaselessly aiming for tomorrow’s horizons.

Privately-Owned, Personally Invested

In a landscape dominated by conglomerates, our privately-owned status is more than a label. It’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to offer personalized service on the foundation of vast industrial capabilities.

Our reach spans continents, yet our heart remains local. Strategically positioned near the global hub of Charlotte, North Carolina, we ensure efficiency without ever compromising on the personalized touch that defines us.

Technician maintaining industrial equipment

Beyond Transactions, Crafting Partnerships

From Industrial Flow Control System Design to Technical Training, our services are a reflection of our ethos. We aren’t just providing solutions; we’re building long-standing relationships.

“We service what we sell” isn’t merely a phrase; it’s an embodiment of our dedication. Our commitment to quality and consistency has been our guiding star for over half a century.

Pioneering the Future, Hand in Hand

As we forge ahead to create a bright future for our clients and our planet, we invite you to be part of our journey, where the legacy of personal touch meets the horizon of global excellence.