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Harness the power of smart utility networks with Itron’s innovative solutions, brought to you by The Blythe Company.

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Leading the Way in Utility Innovation

Itron is at the forefront of developing smart cities and intelligent utilities, with a commitment to creating a more resourceful world through better energy and water management.

Maximize Efficiency with Itron and The Blythe Company

As an authorized distributor, The Blythe Company offers full access to Itron’s extensive portfolio of smart meters, sensors, and utility management solutions.

Itron Smart Gas Meter

Explore Itron’s Product Range with The Blythe Company

We provide an array of Itron products designed to empower utilities and cities to manage resources more efficiently and effectively.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Upgrade to Itron’s advanced metering infrastructure for unparalleled accuracy and data insights in utility consumption.

Resourceful Energy Solutions

Optimize energy distribution and usage with Itron’s innovative, resourceful energy solutions tailored to modern demands.

Water Management Systems

Protect precious water resources and streamline operations with Itron’s sophisticated water management systems.

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