ProFire Energy & The Blythe Company

Leaders in Advanced Burner Technology

Experience the forefront of burner management and combustion control with ProFire Energy. The Blythe Company is proud to offer their leading-edge solutions, enhancing safety and efficiency across various industrial landscapes.

ProFire Energy System
ProFire Energy - Excellence in Burner Management

Elevating Industrial Combustion Standards

ProFire Energy is renowned for revolutionizing burner management with systems that offer advanced safety, improved efficiency, and unparalleled reliability. Their focus on customer-centric innovation cements their status as an industry leader.

Excellence in Burner Management and Safety

In partnership with ProFire Energy, The Blythe Company ensures access to premium combustion control technologies, backed by our commitment to exceptional service and comprehensive support.

Profire High Efficiency Burner

ProFire Energy’s Diverse Product Range

ProFire Energy offers a comprehensive suite of burner management and combustion control systems, catering to a multitude of industrial requirements for improved safety and operational efficiency.

Burner Management Systems

ProFire’s systems are pivotal in optimizing burner operations, achieving the perfect balance in fuel-to-air ratios for diverse industrial applications.

Combustion Control Solutions

Their solutions in combustion control are synonymous with precise regulation, enhancing heating processes and energy efficiency.

Safety Systems

Dedicated to safety, ProFire’s systems integrate stringent standards to safeguard both equipment and personnel in demanding industrial environments.

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