Eagle Research Corporation & The Blythe Company

Leaders in Automation and Telemetry

For over four decades, Eagle Research Corporation has been at the forefront of providing automation and telemetry solutions, setting industry benchmarks in data acquisition and control systems. Our partnership with The Blythe Company aims to bring you cutting-edge products coupled with unrivaled service.

Innovative Automation and Telemetry Solutions by Eagle Research Corporation
Instrumentation and Monitoring by Eagle Research Corporation

Rooted in History, Designed for the Future

Starting in 1976 as a local PC supplier, Eagle Research Corporation swiftly transitioned to meet the growing telemetry demands, becoming a pioneering supplier for the natural gas industry. From the Marcellus and Utica shale plays to the vast Appalachian Basin, our innovative solutions resonate with our profound industry legacy.

Precision and Reliability: Our Commitment to You

Eagle Research Corporation’s relentless commitment to product excellence and customer service has stood the test of time. By not outsourcing critical components and manufacturing all circuit boards in-house, we ensure robust product reliability. Our partnership with The Blythe Company further promises unparalleled support and seamless experiences for our clients.

State-of-the-art PCB manufacturing at Eagle Research Corporation

From Field to Front Office: Comprehensive Solutions

Our diverse range encompasses advanced control systems, telemetry solutions, and custom in-house hardware and software products. Experience the transformative power of Eagle Research Corporation with The Blythe Company.

Automation & Telemetry

Specializing in advanced automation and telemetry, these solutions streamline remote data management and control, ensuring reliability and precision in energy industry operations.

Natural Gas Solutions

Precision-engineered solutions for the natural gas sector, including accurate gas flow computing and robust remote terminal units (RTUs) for enhanced process management.

In-House Hardware & Software

Dedicated to creating custom, quality hardware, and software solutions in-house, ensuring user-friendly, adaptable systems that meet the dynamic needs of the energy industry.

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