Pressure Regulators & Control Valves

Pioneering precision and efficiency in fluid flow control.

Mastering Flow Control

Advanced Pressure Regulator in Action

Mastering Flow Control

Advanced Pressure Regulator in Action

Pressure regulators and control valves play a pivotal role in managing fluid dynamics across industries. From maintaining desired flow rates to ensuring safety, these components are essential in systems where accurate pressure control is vital. At The Blythe Company, we source only the best, ensuring that every valve or regulator offers optimal performance, durability, and ease of use.


Be it in the intricate operations of a chemical plant or the vast networks of natural gas pipelines, pressure regulators and control valves are the unsung heroes ensuring everything flows seamlessly.

  • Regulation in natural gas pipelines

  • Control in chemical processing plants

  • Pressure management in water treatment facilities

  • Precise operations in petrochemical refineries

  • Safety assurance in power generation plants

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At The Blythe Company, we specialize in serving a diverse range of industries, with a particular emphasis on the oil and natural gas sectors. Discover the depth of our expertise and tailored solutions on our Market Applications page.

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