Parker PECO & The Blythe Company

Pioneering Excellence in Oil & Gas Filtration

With an illustrious journey spanning over 80 years, Parker PECO has consistently led oil & gas filtration solutions. The Blythe Company is thrilled to bring you these cutting-edge products, designed to reduce maintenance costs and enhance efficiency.

Parker PECO's state-of-the-art filtration system in action
Parker PECO Filtration Solutions

A Legacy of Uncompromised Quality and Performance

PECO’s brand stands as a beacon of trust in handling the most intricate contaminant management challenges. Beyond just filter costs, PECO ensures reduced maintenance expenses, minimized downtime, and energy-efficient operations, all while keeping gas and liquid streams within specifications.

Adapting to the Future, Remembering the Past

PECO’s range of products continually adapts to the dynamic landscape of the industry, focusing on safety and forward-thinking innovations for an environment-first world.

Diverse Oil and Gas Filtration Solutions from Parker PECO

Comprehensive Filtration Solutions for Diverse Needs

From offshore injection water to petrochemical processes, Parker PECO’s expertise covers a vast spectrum of applications. Harness the power of tailored solutions with The Blythe Company.

Filter Vessels

Offering a range of robust filter vessels, Parker PECO provides safe, quality, and reliable solutions. These vessels excel in various applications, ensuring effective contaminant management and process efficiency.

Filter Cartridges

Parker PECO’s filter cartridges are known for their versatility and performance. Ranging from traditional to advanced technology, they meet diverse filtration needs across industries.

Oil & Gas Solutions

Specialized in the oil and gas industry, Parker PECO delivers comprehensive solutions for filtration, handling complex contaminant management issues with efficiency and reliability.

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