Explore the diverse sectors that trust The Blythe Company. Through expertise and innovation, we serve a broad spectrum of industries, catering to their unique needs with precision.


The complexity and requirements of each industry are distinct. At TBC, we recognize and respect these nuances, ensuring our offerings are fine-tuned for every market application.

Oil & Natural Gas

We offer specialized filtration solutions for each stage of production: Upstream (shale and discovered fuels), Midstream (natural gas processing and transmission), and Downstream (refineries and petrochemical).

Water & Environmental

Whether your process deals with treatment, recycling, controlling or supplying clean water for consumption or industrial uses, TBC offers systems and services for all your process needs.

Aerospace & Aviation

TBC provides fuel & liquid handling equipment, process valves, instrumentation, filtration, heating, controls, automation, systems and services for all your process needs.

General Industrial

Whether your process deals with power generation, agricultural, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, pulp & paper, textiles and others, TBC offers systems and services for all your process needs.

Power Generation

TBC offers a variety of solutions designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of your process when dealing with monitoring, metering, controlling and filtering applications.

Chemical & Petrochemical

TBC offers the latest technologies in valves & actuators, temperature, pressure & flow sensors, safety relief devices, filtration vessels and filter media that all play an integral part of the process matrix.

Food & Beverage Production

Whether your process concerns are with filtration, controlling, measuring, metering or monitoring, TBC can offer the equipment & process solutions that will enable your process to stay competitive.

Agriculture & Farming

TBC offers the industry’s leading products designed to help the process operate to the high standards expected of these markets.

Renewable Energy & Storage

As the world shifts towards sustainable energy solutions, TBC is at the forefront of this transformation. We provide cutting-edge equipment and services for various renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, and hydroelectric, ensuring that sustainability meets efficiency.


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