Solar-Powered Surveillance Cameras

Solar-Powered Surveillance Cameras from The Blythe Company

The Blythe Company works hard to ensure our partners can operate their businesses with peace of mind. This is why we’ve rolled out a new line of remote Solar-Powered Surveillance Cameras. Our totally autonomous cameras were created with security and convenience at the forefront of their design.

No matter what industry you’re in, security is important. Protecting company property and efforts is on the top of your list when it comes to venturing out into new projects and upgrading current facilities. But it’s hard to rely on contracted security guards or in-house teams alone. 

Solar-powered surveillance cameras can operate anywhere you need to protect assets. Energy-saving solar panels effectively reduce operating costs and ensure the cameras cannot be electronically disconnected in malicious intent. Plus, our surveillance systems come equipped with cloud-based storage and archiving capabilities.

Solar-Powered Surveillance Cameras

We offer four distinct and high-performance security cameras
for our partners in every industry.

The Ranger

Our most popular surveillance camera! The Ranger offers high-powered surveillance capabilities and motion-detecting technology.

Receive emails and text alerts when the camera detects motion outside of scheduled maintenance or work hours. With The Ranger, remote work sites and properties remain secure under the watchful eye, even at night or in dimly lit places. Video streaming can be accessed on demand and with a 1920×1080 resolution picture. 

Ranger Security Camera
Predator Remote Security Camera

The Predator

Need something like The Ranger, but just a tad bit more serious? The Predator is the answer.

The Predator is equipped with motion sensing as well as thermal sensing technology. It can tell the difference between a bump in the night and a human or vehicle approaching the site. A higher resolution at 2592×1944 gives sharp, clear images that are unparalleled in the surveillance industry.

The Mega

The Mega has the highest resolution imaging in the entire line of remote solar-powered surveillance cameras by The Blythe Company. With 12MP, 4000×3000 resolution, users can comb through 4k resolution pictures without straining eyes. The Mega captures beautiful, high-definition pictures that security teams can review easily.

Mega Solar-Powered Surveillance Cameras
Grow Agricultural Surveillance Camera

The Grow

Designed for the agricultural industry. The Grow comes with a white or green light, eliminating infrared radiation for plants.

Perfect for hemp, cannabis, or other commercial grow-houses, The Grow keeps an eye on your plants without interfering in their maturing. With 1920×1080 resolution, keep a lookout on your agricultural plants and get notifications with a 40-foot motion sensor range.

Trailer-Mounted Security Camera

Portable Industrial-Grade Surveillance Cameras

All of our solar-powered surveillance cameras come standard with wireless connections, cloud-based 12-month archival footage storage and a seven-day back-up battery life. Each camera only needs about 6 hours of sunlight to charge for seven days and nights of continuous use. 

Contact The Blythe Company when you’re ready to upgrade your remote security outfit to a high-performance, solar-powered surveillance camera system and better operate with safety and security taken care of. 

Remote Sensor Battery
Security Camera Support Barrel
Ranger & Mega Transport Case

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