ROOTS Regulators
by Dresser Utility Solutions

ROOTS Regulators for natural gas distribution systems

Dependable Natural Gas Solutions

Introducing ROOTS Regulators by Dresser Utility Solutions – a trusted name in industrial parts and equipment. These high-performance regulators are engineered with precision to provide rapid response and reliable performance for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

ROOTS Regulators for natural gas distribution systems
American-made ROOTS Regulators
American-made ROOTS Regulators

Designed for North American Markets

Our North American style regulators are not just made in the USA, they’re specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the American gas distribution systems. Experience the accurate, dependable, and safe pressure reduction that has become the trademark of ROOTS Regulators.

The Blythe Company – Your Trusted ROOTS Regulators Distributor

Premium Quality

Made by a name you trust, these high-performance regulators are made by Dresser Utility Solutions to meet the highest possible standards for workmanship.

Fast Turnaround

No more waiting for up to a year. With our 6-8 week turnaround, you can expect your ROOTS Regulators to arrive quickly, so you can keep your projects on schedule.

Unbeatable Prices

Superior quality doesn’t have to bust your budget. With ROOTS Regulators, you always get exceptional value at the lowest prices in the industry.

A Robust Product Line for Commercial & Industrial Use

B & C Series ROOTS Regulators

From the innovative B & C Series regulators, we expand our gas and utility product solutions, offering a range of regulators to meet the various needs of municipalities across Georgia and the Carolinas.

B & C Series ROOTS Regulators
Spring Loaded B-Series Regulators

Spring Loaded


From simple, direct-acting service regulators to high capacity valves, our spring-loaded B-Series regulators provide a rapid response to changing flow conditions. This collection is ideal for use in a wide range of residential, industrial, and commercial applications.

Constant Loaded C-Series Regulators

Constant Loaded


Our C-Series regulators maintain accurate regulation at higher flows and pressures, making them ideal for gas supply in commercial and industrial settings, metering installations without costly equipment, and applications that need precise PSI-to-PSI regulation.

Direct-Acting Industrial Regulators

Direct-Acting Industrial


Our Direct-Acting Industrial regulators are designed to help prevent pressure swings with sudden load changes in applications such as large furnaces, boilers, and ovens. The balanced valve design allows the regulator to hold a constant outlet pressure.

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