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Valves & Actuators

Process flow control valves play an important and integral part of many process systems. Their function is to control the flow of liquid, gas or air within the process pipeline or vessels. Whether you are mixing, diverting, stopping or metering, control valves are designed as your process traffic light controlling the traffic flow within your process.

Each process flow system will require some type of control valve, automating these controls valves will require actuation technologies. We provide reliable, durable, smart and high performing actuators designed for all types of process flow applications and environments. With a variety of design types from pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, gear-operated and manual-operation we can help in selection & sizing for your specific process flow requirements.

TBC offers valued-added services to our clients by offering complete turn-key valve automation control packages. We can design and build a complete system for your specific application that can include the: valve, actuator, control, instrumentation, tubing, fittings and mounting kit. Basically a plug & play system that can save time & money when getting your process flowing in a timely and cost effective manner counts.

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