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Pressure Regulators & Control Valves

Regulating and controlling many different process conditions such as flow, pressure, temperature, and fluid levels are vitally important to producing a quality and cost effective product. Regulators and control valves are designed to work as an integral part of your process system by manipulating flowing fluids; such as, gases, fuels, oils, lubricants, steam, water, chemicals, and other liquids to desired variables.

Process regulators & control valves are a common tool found across many different industries and applications. One of the many uses can be found in compressor applications, where they are used to adjust the pressure coming out of receiver to match what is needed for the process task. In the Aerospace industry, pressure regulators play a vital role in propulsion pressurant control for many systems, including reaction control systems and altitude control systems. Primary function can be defined as the ability to match the flow or pressure of a liquid or gas through the device to the demand placed upon it by either opening, closing, restricting or increasing the flow or pressure within the process system.

There are certainly inherent difference to consider for each application when selecting the use of a regulator or control valve. Control valves normally receive a control signal from an actuator or a process operating system and some of the signal variables can be pressure, temperature, flow and others. The pressure regulator is a self-contained valve and actuator combination that limits the flow through a restricting device with pressure being the controlling variable and is limited to applications where pressure is the controlling factor.

At TBC we work with you, sharing our experience and knowledge; as well as asking all the right questions to better understand your process application and needs. Selecting & sizing the correct control device; along with providing the industries best in product design & technology are all part of our customer-focused and application driven process approach.

Regulator Products

  • General Purpose High & Low Pressure Regulators
  • Back Pressure Regulators
  • Air & Gas Regulator Systems
  • Liquid Flow Regulator Systems
  • Instrument Air Regulators
  • Pilot-Operated Regulators
  • Differential Pressure Regulators
  • Vacuum Service Regulators
  • Tank Blanketing Regulators
  • Temperature Regulators

Control Valve Products

  • Electronic Pressure Control Valves
  • Pneumatic Pressure Control Valves
  • Hydraulic Pressure Control Valves
  • Electronic Flow Control Valves
  • Pneumatic Flow Control Valves
  • Hydraulic Flow Control Valves
  • Electronic Vacuum Valves

Market Applications

The potential applications are too numerous to list; however, a partial list includes blowdown, compressor stations, pipeline & transmission systems, metering stations, gas gathering systems, treatment & processing systems, food and liquid processing systems, baking & freezing systems, boiler steam pressure & flow control systems, water treatment & distribution systems and others. Wherever control of flow, pressure, temperature, and levels are critical to the process some type of controlling and regulating technology will be required.