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Instrumentation Manifolds & Valves

Instrumentation manifolds & valves help reduce instrument installation cost, improve safety and performance, reduce leak spots, allow for venting, calibration, testing, isolating and calibration of offline instrumentation including pressure & differential pressure transmitters/indicators, switches, level indicators and other instrumentation for liquid, steam and vapor service.

Our product are designed to meet the most arduous process monitoring and flow control applications. Available in traditional and compact designs, a variety of materials of construction; such as, stainless steel, carbon steel and duplex stainless steel and with a selection of packing/seal materials dependent upon your process conditions. Other key features include multiple configurations, connections type, direct or remote mount, and moveable or stationary designs.


Product designs for the following configurations:


  • Large bore direct mount 2, 3 or 5 valve manifold systems
  • Connecting between an orifice fitting or flange and manifold on direct-mounted differential pressure measurement installations
  • 2, 3 and 5 valve integral manifolds to be used with Rosemount Coplanar style transmitters for static and differential pressure applications
  • Dual rotary-positioned differential pressure transmitter manifold with single handle actuation
  • single or dual outlet block & bleed manifold for static pressure measurement devices
  • 3 valve manifold used to set or reset differential pressure switches
  • Use with compact instrument control loops for static pressure/gauge instruments
  • 2 valve block & bleed manifold with direct or indirect mount capabilities for static pressures
  • 2 main block valves and an equalizing valve for direct mounting of differential pressure transmitter
  • Single flange, 2 block valves and no equalizer for direct mount of delta P differential pressure transmitter in liquid level service or pressure vessel
  • 5 valve manifold that enable instrument operation, isolation, zeroing, calibration and venting to close the system in a single unit and suitable for liquid or vapor service
  • 2 block valves, an equalizer valve and two instrument side vent/calibrate valves
  • Designs for use to install and calibrate Rosemount Coplanar style transmitters for liquid or gas flow and liquid level measurement
  • Air distribution with a single inlet and a range in number of side outlets from 4 to 20 to incorporate either ball valve or miniature needle valves
  • 3 or 5 valves for use with orifice meters
  • 2 valve single outlet that combines isolating, calibrating and venting facilities for use with gauges, pressure transmitters or switches
  • 2 valve static pressure for use in liquid or vapor service
  • 2 valve calibration for use on static pressure transmitters, switches or gauges
  • 3 valve with 2 main block valves and an equalizing valve for close, direct or remote mounting to compact differential pressure transmitters
  • 3 valve to enable instrument operation, isolation and zeroing in a single unit for use in liquid or vapor service
  • 2, 3 or 5 valve that provide simple and effective installation, calibration and servicing of Rosemount Coplanar style transmitters
  • 5 valve for differential pressure natural gas service
  • Designs for modular mounting systems that provide close coupling to the orifice tap and full porting for use with instruments on natural gas fiscal metering applications
  • 5 valves for direct mounting differential pressure transmitters for use in liquid or vapor service
  • 5 valve for rack or panel mounting to ASME B31.1 or B31.3 standards for liquid, steam or vapor service

Gauge Valves

  • Positioning of gauges or pressure switches without requiring additional penetration of the main piping
  • Designs for use with gauge mounting and other instrument tie-ins without requiring additional penetrations of the main piping

Gauge Adapters

  • Designs for use with any gauge where swivel positioning is required

Gauge Siphon

  • Designs for use as a thermal barrier for instrument protection between hot vapors and pressure instrument

Bleed Tie

  • Designs for use with process root valves to simplify piping and reduce the number of potential leak points

Hand Valves

  • FCA Flow Checker Adapter – Designs for use with static pressure measuring instruments
  • Straight isolation applications
  • Bubble-tight shutoff in severe operating conditions
  • General duty bubble-tight closures
  • Severe duty, high pressure, high temperature and high flow conditions
  • Severe duty isolation, drain and test applications

Block & Bleed Valves

  • Isolation and venting of static pressure gauge and instrument installations
  • Multi-port designs for universal use wherever more than one outlet is required

Root Isolation Valves

  • Gauge mountings
  • Pressure instruments
  • Differential pressure transmitter installations