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Catalytic & Radiant Heating


Catalytic & radiant heaters have been used in industrial applications for decades. The normal source of fuel is either natural gas or propane, whereby a flameless heat is produced with most of the heat generated being radiant, infrared energy. With a relatively low operating temperature that is always below 900 degree Fahrenheit, they are ideally suited for use in many hazardous environments.

Advantages, Simplicity & Durability of Design

There are many advantages over other types of heating. The heat produced is in the form of radiant energy and may be directed to the object requiring heat and only the object is heated and not the surrounding air. There are no moving parts to wear out and the catalyst is not consumed during the heating process. Heaters will continue to operate indefinitely, with no maintenance, as long as clean fuel is supplied.


The surface temperature is much lower than an open flame (approximately 1300F, the ignition temperature of natural gas). Catalytic & radiant heaters are approved by Factory Mutual and the Canadian Gas Association for operation in hazardous environments. They are a proven, safe substitute for indirect heating applications such as steam tracing and convection heating.