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2016 - a year that was defined by the Rio Olympics, Pokemon Go, the Chicago Cubs’ first World Series Victory in over a decade, and a Presidential Election. For most Americans, these were the major events that will be remembered. For a tight knit, family-like organization like The Blythe Company, the events above can’t hold

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Maintaining Equipment for Safety and Longevity


Proactive — Not Reactive After employees and staff, your equipment is your most valuable asset. When unexpected equipment failures occur, operations have to stop until repairs can be made. This leaves you with loss of productivity and even loss of daily or weekly profit goals. It’s important that industrial equipment, like valves, gauges, and other

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Employee Spotlight: Earle Beckham


Earle Beckham may be slowing down, but he has no intention of stopping. When The Blythe Company approached Beckham with an offer to help train and advise meter testing and M&R activities as well as performing testing himself, he knew he was going to say yes. It probably has something to do with the fact that

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How to Make Your Surveillance Camera Better with Accessories


Since the federal government’s facilities protection warning set forth by PHMSA, surveillance cameras are now highly recommended and the suggested form of security for pipelines, either in construction or completed. This recommendation comes with the intent of urging pipeline and oil industry companies to further secure their remote sites and prevent damage and disasters caused

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Introducing Blythe Company Energy Services


Blythe Company Energy Services TBC is excited to introduce the all-new Energy Services division. This new division allows local public utilities and municipalities to outsource upkeep, maintenance, and monitoring of equipment and meters in the field. With the acquisition of Precision Testing Inc., and the addition of Earl Beckham, TBC is now equipped to provide

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