Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Lee Neisler


When Lee Neisler met Rhyne Davis at Davidson College all those years ago, he probably never thought that he would be working for Davis at The Blythe Company.  After graduating from college, he started his career in his family’s textile company. He then entered into the financial industry.  Neisler realized that corporate finance just wasn’t

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Employee Spotlight: Jacob Stowe


Unlike many employees at The Blythe Company, Jacob Stowe was not originally working in the natural gas industry before his role at this company. In fact, he’s still learning and training for valve repairs, but he sure has learned a lot. And that’s a good thing, considering it’s one of the things he loves about

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Employee Spotlight: Chris Hyatt


Chris Hyatt has seen and worked both sides of the natural gas industry.  Before coming to The Blythe Company in April 2019, he was working for a natural gas utility company. But now, as a field technician at The Blythe Company, he’s experienced in both sides of the industry.  Why did he make the switch?

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Employee Spotlight: Perry Blythe


Over the past 45 years, Perry Blythe has witnessed a complete evolution of The Blythe Company.  During his employment with a manufacturer of gas-fired textile equipment back in the 1960s his father, Hank Blythe, was successful in establishing new areas of sales with a representative side of the business.  In 1974 Hank purchased that part

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Employee Spotlight: Earle Beckham


Earle Beckham may be slowing down, but he has no intention of stopping. When The Blythe Company approached Beckham with an offer to help train and advise meter testing and M&R activities as well as performing testing himself, he knew he was going to say yes. It probably has something to do with the fact that

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