TBC Now Representing Itron

July 21, 2020

The Blythe Company Now Represents Itron

We are very pleased to announce that The Blythe Company has officially partnered with Washington based energy and water resource management company, Itron. Their products include electricity, gas, water and thermal energy measurement devices and control technology; communications systems; software; as well as managed and consulting services. We are most enthusiastic to be representing their extensive line of regulators, meters, and data collection devices.

Itron has over 8,000 customers in more than 100 countries and we’re excited to grow their global footprint even further. They have come an extremely long way from being founded by a small group of engineers in Hauser Lake, Idaho in just 43 years. They have even been commemorated by the Obama administration in 2010 for their commitment to American manufacturing and contributions to clean energy.

Over the past half century, Itron has made leaps and bounds, acquiring a handful of enterprises. These include Schlumberger Electricity Metering in 2004; gas and water metering maker, Actaris Metering Systems, in 2007; both SmartSynch cellular communications and smart gas distribution systems maker, C&N GasGate Technology, in 2012; and both Comverge and Silver Springs Networks in 2017.

Much like The Blythe Company, Itron is consistently trying to look for ways to innovate its line of products to offer and improve the world. They have a pledge to promote sustainability and, as STEM employers, develop education programs for the industry. Upon meeting with Itron leadership, and discussing what the future holds; our strategies aligned and the partnership was an easy decision.

Within Itron’s portfolio of services, one of The Blythe Company’s favorites is the METRIS residential and light commercial gas diaphragm meter. The METRIS 250 is uniquely constructed to give utilities the edge they need in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace.  It is designed to increase your customer’s satisfaction and reduce your total costs by providing reliable performance and long-term measurement accuracy for residential applications. The METRIS 250 gas meter meets ANSI B109.1 standards for a 250 class meter and is compatible with leading AMR/AMI devices.

We’re also very thrilled to represent the B42 residential gas regulator. The B42 is a spring loaded self-operated regulator with internal relief option. It features a molded diaphragm, 6:1 lever ratio and a one inch vent. The benefit is a lighter more compact unit that provides the power, capacity and relief performance of larger regulators.

Customers can now purchase these products and other Itron products directly from The Blythe Company.

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