TBC Now Representing IMAC Systems

June 10, 2020

The Blythe Company Now Represents IMAC Systems

The Blythe Company is pleased to announce that one of the world’s leading manufacturers of natural gas operation components, IMAC Systems Inc, has partnered with us. IMAC Systems’ extensive product line  will be added to The Blythe Company’s wide range of industrial flow control products and services that are offered to natural gas customers of all sizes.

Primarily based in Tullytown, Pennsylvania; we are proud to add another American company to our portfolio. They have been providing products and services to the gas measurement and precision machining industry since its establishment in 1978. They specialize in high quality products to meet the needs of natural gas users. Some of their products include retrofitting pulse outputs to gas meters, token style relief valves, meter connections and meter bars, and pipeline monolithic insulators and surge arrestors to name just a few.

It is their mission is to be the best at what they do and continually seek means and methods to improve. For The Blythe Company, these values were very important and aligned with what we are trying to achieve and represent.

We are excited to be representing many of IMAC Systems’ products. One that we would like to highlight is the Pete’s Plug® Temperature and Pressure Test Plug. It allows pressure and temperature readings to be taken seamlessly without leaving costly gauges on the line. It has two self-closing valves, improving the speed of valve closure and is available in various thread sizes, lengths, and materials suitable for various applications.

Another one of our favorite products is the IMAC Pulsimatic Transmitter. This device is an extremely cost efficient way to transmit uncorrected volume output data from gas meters to remote totalizing and recording equipment. It is also available in ten different pulse outputs to fill most requirements. It has a virtually indestructible low profile that does not interfere with existing piping arrangement.

Customers can now purchase these products and any other IMAC Systems product directly from The Blythe Company.

For more information, please visit IMAC Systems’ website.

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