TBC Now Representing VRG Controls

May 22, 2020

The Blythe Company Now Represents VRG Controls

We could not be more thrilled to announce that The Blythe Company is officially authorized to represent VRG Controls, an established market leader in the natural gas industry. They specialize in manufacturing state-of-the-art control valves and control instrumentation. They specifically engineer their valves for reliability and simplicity, while holding their environmental impact to the highest standards.

With a primary manufacturing facility in Lake Zurich, Illinois and offices in Houston, Texas; we are proud to be representing an American manufacturing organization for our customers. With a global presence, you can find VRG control valves in 47 states and 10 countries throughout the world. They have done business with all of the top 25 gas distribution and gas transmission companies in the world.

In the words of CEO, Vladimir Rimboym, “VRG Controls is about outstanding support to the Natural Gas Industry and all of our customers. Our support comes from years of experience and understanding customer needs. We take full satisfaction from the fact that customers know that the phone call or e-mail will be always answered by a highly technical professional in a timely manner.”

The Blythe Company and VRG Controls share a similar mission and have complimentary values. When we met the executive team, it felt like it was only a matter of time before we formed a partnership.

To showcase a preview of the outstanding engineering from this organization, here is one of their VPC Valve Pilot Controllers. This device is a single-acting pressure control system utilized in tandem with single acting pneumatic control valves. It features variable output pressure for regulating standard pipeline pressure control (> 1.0 mile adjacent pipe).

Customers can now purchase this VPC Valve Pilot Controller and any other VRG Controls products directly from The Blythe Company.

For more information, please visit the VRG Controls’ website.

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