Securing Your Pipelines and Remote Sites

January 20, 2020

Of course, one of the most important things in the natural gas industry is the vehicle by which gas is transported: the pipelines. Even with other remote sites in the industry, it’s important that everything is locked down tight with no vulnerabilities or security holes.

There are a few areas of vulnerabilities to be aware of and different levels of security available.

0. No Security

This is the lowest level of security possible. No fences, no cameras, no locks, nothing. Obviously, this is not even close to industry standards, and should not even be considered when it comes to securing pipelines and remote sites.

1. Fencing

Fencing, when coupled with warning signs and “no trespassing” signs, is a clear indicator to passersby and other people that the area closed off is not to be entered. This is especially important for pipelines and remote sites that run near walking trails, public spaces, or other easily accessible areas. Locks are an integral part of securing pipelines and remote sites so that even if someone wanted to enter the area without authorization, it is more difficult or even impossible, in the case of electronic locks.

2. Guards

While this is an expensive option, having a guard on-site can greatly deter thieves and vandals and also make sure that false alarms or real alarms are reported as such. Furthermore, a trespasser can be chased away or apprehended sooner.

3. Solar-powered surveillance cameras

Using surveillance cameras is not a new concept, but with solar-powered surveillance cameras set up along pipelines and at remote sites, there’s less risk of crime. Not only can surveillance cameras keep watch while authorized personnel are away from the site, but a camera with motion detecting technology can sense movement and alert authorities. Solar-powered surveillance cameras also last up to seven days and nights with only six hours of sunlight, making them convenient and energy-efficient.

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