Employee Spotlight: Chris Hyatt

January 7, 2020

Chris Hyatt has seen and worked both sides of the natural gas industry. 

Before coming to The Blythe Company in April 2019, he was working for a natural gas utility company. But now, as a field technician at The Blythe Company, he’s experienced in both sides of the industry. 

Why did he make the switch? He was offered a position to lead the company into natural gas equipment repair and maintenance. But it was also the travel, he said. 

“I’m at a point in my life where I can travel a good bit and get to see the whole different side of things,” he explained. 

Hyatt appreciates the chance he gets through his work to connect with people while on the road. In another field, he may not have been able to sit down at a hometown diner while passing through a city, but with his position now, he gets to see the hidden gems of the American South as he visits clients. 

It’s not all playtime, as Hyatt has to prepare ahead of time in order to have a successful visit with a utility company client. A typical appointment could include working on natural gas equipment, removing old equipment and replacing it with a new piece of equipment, or performing maintenance on equipment supplied by The Blythe Company. Before showing up, Hyatt ensures that he has all the tools he needs before he arrives and then makes sure everyone is aware of safety standards upon his arrival. 

However, it’s not the only reason he enjoys working in the industry. The job stability drew him into natural gas to begin with, but it’s not the main reason for Hyatt to stay. The Blythe Company is one of the reasons why he enjoys his work so much. 

“The best thing about The Blythe Company is that it looks like nobody’s going to leave you out to dry,” Hyatt said. “If it’s raining and you need some help, somebody will come out there and get just as muddy as you are.”

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