Maintaining Equipment for Safety and Longevity

October 23, 2019

Proactive — Not Reactive

After employees and staff, your equipment is your most valuable asset. When unexpected equipment failures occur, operations have to stop until repairs can be made. This leaves you with loss of productivity and even loss of daily or weekly profit goals.

It’s important that industrial equipment, like valves, gauges, and other heavy machinery, are properly maintained through routine checks and inspections to ensure that no accidents or downtime occur.

5 Advantages of Proactive Maintenance

  • Increases the overall lifespan of equipment
  • Avoids downtime or accidents
  • Reduces costs of replacement or emergency repairs
  • Enhances productivity and efficiency
  • Maintains value of equipment

Technology in industrial processes has advanced to the point that there are sensors and programs that can alert operators in real-time when there’s a problem with equipment. But technology can’t replace regular maintenance schedules and routine safety inspections.

While some may argue that routine maintenance is an unnecessary recurring cost, the cost of a major repair or replacing equipment is much higher. Personnel training, maintenance programs, onsite inspections, and more are integral parts in ensuring that equipment is running smoothly.

Implementing Routine Maintenance

Don’t let small problems grow over time. It happens in almost any industry; when equipment or tools have small problems, some people tend to ignore the problem and work around it. The staff changes its process in order to keep working, while the equipment is suffering.

No matter how small the problem may seem, it turns into a major pain when the equipment begins to fail and break, calling for a major repair or worse, a replacement.

Employees and staff should be trained to report even minor problems with equipment and allow the equipment to be repaired and fixed before returning to operational status.

Training and Services by The Blythe Company

The Blythe Company understands the importance of routine, proactive maintenance for industrial process systems. When equipment is running smoothly, so do operations. The Blythe Company offers training, preventative maintenance programs, onsite inspection, testing and maintenance, in-house testing, repair and modification, and more to clients when they sign on with our services. The services also include:

  • Pressure relief valve inspection, testing & repair
  • Control valve testing & repair
  • Line valve and actuator testing & repair
  • Gauge testing & repair
  • Valve & actuator modification
  • Pressure relief valve modification

Contact The Blythe Company today to learn more about proactive maintenance, routine inspections, and the training available to staff and operators through our company.

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