How to Make Your Surveillance Camera Better with Accessories

September 24, 2019

Since the federal government’s facilities protection warning set forth by PHMSA, surveillance cameras are now highly recommended and the suggested form of security for pipelines, either in construction or completed. This recommendation comes with the intent of urging pipeline and oil industry companies to further secure their remote sites and prevent damage and disasters caused by trespassers, vandals, and other criminal activity.

Luckily, The Blythe Company just recently launched a new line of solar-powered remote surveillance cameras outfitted with a bevy of features that make the new line a must-have in pipeline security and monitoring.

However, clients can achieve an extra layer of security and outfit their surveillance setup with add-ons and accessories like motion sensors, trailer cameras, and specialized mounts. For remote surveillance camera accessories that make pipeline security an easier task, contact The Blythe Company. Here’s a few accessories designed for our new line of cameras.

For ensuring the safety of mobile pipeline employees, use the trailer mount. The camera can withstand rugged terrain and produce clear images, even on bumpy roads. With added suspension and a 30-foot vertical reach, the camera has security in sight, even on the road. This is necessary for situations requiring driving from checkpoint to checkpoint to ensure that everything is going smoothly, either in the pipeline construction phase or routine security checks.

Trailer-Mounted Security Camera
Trailer-mounted security camera by The Blythe Company.

When cell towers fail and there’s not enough cell coverage for the cameras to send images and footage for storage, outfit the camera with a directional antenna. This accessory boosts the cell signal for optimal and increased data speeds. This is especially important in security emergencies when security directors and managers need to access footage of the site as soon as possible in order to promptly assess the situation and initiate emergency security protocols.

Support Barrel
The barrel mount for Blythe Company surveillance cameras.

Mounting your surveillance camera is just as important as having one. But not every site is the same. Use the universal pole mount for cylindrical poles that lack a flat surface and can fit poles from 3 inches to 18 inches or opt for the barrel mount, which can withstand high winds and be placed anywhere on the site. The barrel mount is 55 pounds when filled and can keep the camera steady at the optimal height for motion detection.

Use the pan and tilt mount to remotely change the direction of the camera for a wider viewing range and higher security measures. Through the zooming capabilities on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet, you can control the surveillance of your site without having to manual adjust cameras.

Add to your camera’s motion-detecting range with an additional one- or four-way sensor when placed within 40 or 250, respectively, the sensors detect motion and trigger the cameras to take photographs or transmit video footage.

Contact The Blythe Company for Surveillance Camera Accessories

With all of these accessories, The Blythe Company has made it easier to secure your remote sites and respond faster to emergencies. Outfit your cameras with higher levels of security and convenience to properly monitor your sites and prevent emergencies while also deterring trespassers or vandals. Contact The Blythe Company today for solar-powered remote surveillance security cameras and accessories for your remote site.

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