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6012 WAXHAW HWY (HWY75)   PO BOX 570    MINERAL SPRINGS, NC   28108
     PHONE:  704-843-1960      FAX:  704-843-1990


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The Blythe Company is a manufacturer's representative and distributor located in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.  We are a certified A.S.M.E. "UV" and NBIC "VR" facility offering both in house and on-site testing and repair of relief valves.

Quality EngineeringWe provide products and services in the Carolinas, Eastern Tennessee, Western Virginia, and Georgia with a focus on Pressure Relief Valves, Instrumentation Valves, Gas Filters and Water Bath Heaters.

Our 35 years of service is backed by experience in the Natural Gas Production, Transmissions & Distribution Industries along with the Air Separation, Chemical and Electric Utility markets.

We offer installation supervision and startup services on automated valve packages and water bath heaters.

The Blythe Company maintains an extensive inventory of Safety Relief Valves, Hand Valves, Gauge Valves, Instrumentation Manifolds and Pressure Gauges.

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